Have you wondered what all of this is, by all of this I mean us, reality, the world and existence, I wanted to know and I became mesmerized with the findings and discoveries of the empirical scientific testable approach and this made me to have most of my attentions in this approach, for a long period in my life this was the driving cornerstone and for sometime it also affected my career decision, but I have not looked at prior aspects that comes beforehand, whose are determining factor for the approach that I begin with, and that made me to consider everything I know might not be the way its, including the way I wanted to know reality, and in retrospect for that I would need to systematically categorize, scale and analyze my knowledge and world view according to principles that decides if they are based in truth, as much as even including all knowledges acquired by all of us.

Though those principles themselves are also for most is linked with our knowledge and understanding, they are dependent and created by them, and for most, most of our knowledge only define one aspect of reality, which as we all know this aspect might actually very well not define or even be close to the bigger picture or fundamental reality, yet we might be dabbling in our making of epistemological error, as when we do a close reflection on ourselves we would see that we are actually not seeing reality, things or phenomenon as the way they are and this is nothing special most of us with little self introspection already know that even without lots of late empirical scientific discoveries, for those numerous reasons the chances are quite high that the way we see and experience reality might be more or radically be different than what reality actually is, and this entails that the results of the search and investigation we make without including ourselves or zeroing down on the questions that started the search and investigation will be wrong. however we would also won’t need evidence for stating the argument that the way we see reality might not be the way as reality is, this is an unfalsified logical predictory statement in itself and stands as the fundamental ground and philosophy in nature.

And since our knowledge, understanding and world view is the apple batch with bad apples we can for most neglect or ignore it and start investigating reality super empirically from scratch to find the truth of it and during this process we will also discover and confirm how much our knowledge is true, also due to the ways of information, knowledge, learning and raw phenomena being transferred, there is levels of how much those can be taken in and understood as what they actually are, whether only through cognitive intake, that takes place only through few sets of human senses and organs or holistically that involves more than few sets of human senses and organs that gives rise to differing levels of understanding, information processes in our brain, knowledge, insight acquisitions and importantly life, perception, conscious and unconscious characteristics which are all made through raw experience that are empirical and can be considered more actual rather than just cognitive intake that has more possibility to sink into cognitive bias and other perceptual default modes of biased understandability.


Now to get back to investigating from scratch.

There is so much already happening in the mundane momentary daily life, in the interactivity of direct living experience, it is what makes our reality and constitutes it, it's all data and information that we can observe, discover and analyze to get insight into the nature of reality and ourselves.

As we are born and perception of reality that contains the universe and ourselves starts rolling, as children’s are natural curios observers without systematic reason for observing and as when we have been into a very new place or environment that our very first natural tendencies is pure observation, like it's what we have been birthed with, like those analogues examples we can investigate and observe reality in a raw manner (RAWLY) as bare experience, without a view or systematic reason for the initiation of our investigation and observation, so that what we discover will be truth and align with actual reality, whatever that might be, I think the term a posteriori when taken super radically also defines what I am trying to imply.

When we solve a problem we count for every piece and possibilities, if we don’t count one piece it will affect the whole outcome, like this example if we do not include ourselves as a variable it will affect our outcome in our investigation, actually this is the primary piece because reality is perceived by us, we are the means, if we have a broken tv, first thing to check is the plug where electricity is going through, which is the primary mean for powering the whole system as known as tv, we won’t be going to try and open the tv to see where the problem is without checking for the main source first.

A reflective general analogy for providing some clarification would be an example of the role of a person who investigates reality, lets name that person a scientist, as the scientist does his work of investigation he would also factors himself in, or having himself under investigation while he himself is already occupied with his scientific investigation, in this analogy investigation is not a one way, but inclusion of the investigator himself in the process, having himself also as a changed variable rather than a fixed entity in real time, in this manner it's not just about introspection which is mainly known by reflections or looking inwards to examine one's own thoughts or feelings but every element that constitutes us and reality, leaving nothing out and no exclusion or unquestioning of anything.

When we want to know something, specially a big and general topic such as reality we would need to be open to all possibilities and investigate everything empirically, though as due to complexity and impediment on the rate of productivity we can at least include the fundamental units that make and constitute reality, those would include perception, conscious and material elements, that makes ourselves or conscious perception and their causal and effective outstretch in the world around us. This 


Furthermore, below cases and conjectures also go along with the above investigative approach. 

Everything we witness, we know, we learn, we experience and have empirical knowledge of, they all fundamentally go through us and our direct conscious experience, if we factor everything, the world, the universe and term it reality, including ourselves and our senses, thoughts, feelings, free will and etcetera, we would term conscious experience as something else than reality.

The knowing, the witnessing and existence of reality is dependent on first person conscious experience, first person point of view, the world and everything in the world is known and witnessed by the presence of first person experience, the knowledge and existence of reality has never been independent and known without first person experience. An existing reality to have its existence being witnessed without the presence of a witness which in this case first person conscious experience has never been observed or existed, if our knowledge of reality were outside of first person experience then our case of existence would not have been what it is, we and our experience would either have been something else, in which case reality itself would have been different, or we would not have existed and in this case there would not have been reality, however this has also never been observed (giggle), non existence has never been experienced. If existence is dependent on the presence of a knower to know of its existence then existence does not come prior to first person experience.

We use scientific empirical evidence for providing proof among ourselves however the proof for the existence of the world or reality is not in the world, in reality or among ourselves, like what comes out from the mouth of a liar does not matter, its a personal matter and comes in our direct touch with reality, however we have put ourselves too much in the words of what might potentially turn out to be a lie, we give much more authority and power to contents and to the idea of an independently existing reality than our conscious witnessing power, we reduced our conscious experience to naught and we suffer due to that, it should be otherwise, that we as conscious experience witness and have the decisive authoritative power for reality existing, being witnessed and empirically proven rather than the other way around.

Just a quick reminder to not mix the words and their established meanings for some of the terms up until now.

We have empiricism for validating things as truth, however what about empiricism itself, the information that our senses receive that is considered truth, mutually reported accounts and mutual testing results cannot validate the reported contents to be the only truth, or final truth in its respected case, despite it illustrating many local accounting truths and the contents of a system, the correlation of reported truth of a system from different angles does not make the contents of the reported truth of that system be the sort of final baseline truth or ultimate nature of the system. 

And when we bring the case of the earlier conjecture, reality being secondary to first person conscious experience we see that ultimately the mutually reported accounts whatever truth they represent its within first person conscious experience thus, however the contents might be and however many test results it might be and however truth it might be according to the established principles, they won’t represent the truth or we should say the final or ultimate baseline truth in this context. 

Most of our current knowledge or metaphysical understanding is based off of this sort of empiric reported accounts of reality, however if we truly want to know we would need to go even beyond this sort of empirical investigation.

To illustrate further for what I mean by reality in those cases and conjectures, imagine that we take a snapshot of myself, the world and universe, containing everything, everything we know, actual or conceptual structure of reality, all of its changes and dimensionalities, all of it all together as one coherent piece, the knowledge of existence of that coherent piece whether it be direct or indirect is dependent on our present direct first person conscious experience and this reality might not be the way its or the way we perceive or think its, since our thinking, feeling, pain, grief and etcetera are also part of this reality this means they also might not be they way they are or represent whatever is actual reality, this one coherent piece may be something else, or maybe something slightly or entirely different, though this maybe true or not unless if there is empirical application and findings hahaha.

The Investigative applications may sound a bit self explanatory since direct experience is what being given much attentions here, their investigation, observation and analysis applied to ourselves in its multilayered and multifaceted components is what it’s going to be about, a short mentioning would consist of our views, our minds and direct experience of living that happens in the sense elements that make up our momentary reality and directing attentions and observation of how life unfolds and plays out, knowing what those components are, how they work, what they mean and their interaction with the world and each other is going to be about.

In all my eager attempts to bring discoveries in an empiric hard based evidence format, discoveries made through above mentioned approach, their proof and evidence cannot be shown or proven in such format, however welcome to the series of my journey of self initiating the process of analyzing reality.