Have you wondered what all of this is? By all of this I mean us, reality, the world and existence. I wanted to know and the empirical scientific approach shows itself to be the way, though the experience of life and getting into meditation showed me that I have not looked at some other prior aspects that comes beforehand, or you could say applying those empirical methods in those prior aspects, it primarily showed that I would need to analyze and investigate reality in what already is, there is so much already is happening in the mundane momentary daily life, in the interactivity of direct living experience, its all data and information that we can analyze and discover, plus it’s individual benefits or transformative possibilities. 
When we solve a problem, we count for every piece and possibilities, if we don’t count one piece it will affect the whole outcome, just like this example if we do not include ourselves as a variable it will affect our outcome in our investigation of reality, actually this is the primary piece because reality is perceived by us, we are the means, for example if we have a broken tv, first thing to check is the plug where electricity is going through which is the primary mean for powering the whole system as known as TV, we won’t be going to try and open the tv to see where the error is without checking for the main source first.
Another way to put, Lets say we seek knowledge and question about reality and the world, at some point we will start investigating our-selfs directly, containing the elements that are pertaining to our-selfs, stretches and connected to the the world around us, an example would be the parts of us that initiates, seeks and questions that has direct impact in the world, this is inclusive in our search and are part of the interconnectivity of the world and the big picture understanding, if we are after knowing reality and the world we would also need not to leave anything out in this endeavour.
A reflective general analogy for better understanding would be an example of the role of a person who investigates reality, in todays era we name those scientists, as the scientist does his work of discovering reality he would also factors himself in, or having himself under investigation while he himself is already occupied with his scientific work, in this analogy its not a one way of investigation, investigating the nature of something but inclusion of the investigator himself in the process, having himself also as a changed variable rather than a fixed entity in real time, in this manner its not just about the act of the so called term introspection which is mainly known by reflections or looking inwards to examine ones thoughts or feelings but every element that constitutes us and reality, no exclusion or unquestioning of anything.
Reality is dependent on our first person conscious experience from our point of view irrelevant from whether there is an actual reality that exists independent from us, if I am not present to know of the actuality of reality then for all maters of an actual reality, that actual reality would not exist for me, there for I would not have known of it and it would not have existed, everything in the world, the world itself which it also includes me irrelevant from what they are, they are known by my presence and the opposite have never existed, this is not philosophy as subjective this may sound without my presence here there won’t be this reality for me, reality has never been completely independent or experienced purely objectively, that would completely require us to be no-existent, another  way to put is that reality is just experienced by you, no one else, the people whom experience reality are in your experience, so as everything else.
To illustrate further for what I mean by reality, imagine that we take a snapshot of myself, the world and universe, containing everything, everything we know, all of its changes and dimensionalities, all of it all together as one coherent piece, the knowledge of existence of that coherent piece whether it be direct or indirect is dependent on our present direct first person conscious experience, that reality or snapshot might not be the way its or the way we perceive or think its, since our thinking, feeling, pain and grief and etcetera are also part of this reality this means they also might not be they way they are or represent whatever is actual reality, this one coherent piece may be something else, something entirely different, though this maybe true or not unless if there is empirical application and findings.
The application for the above ideas may sound a bit self explanatory since direct experience is what being given much attentions here, their investigation, observation and analysis applied to ourselves in its multilayered and multifaceted components is what it’s going to be about, a short mentioning would consist of our views, our minds and direct experience of living that happens in sensing, thinking and directing attentions and observation of how life unfolds and plays out, knowing what those components are, how they work, what they mean and their interaction with the world and each other is going to be about.
I think a short version of most of the above ideas would be ‘I assume I don’t know therefor I investigate to know, if I know I confirm it, If I don’t then I discover.